2018 Simply Sheets Fundraising Program Tips

2018 Simply Sheets Fundraising Program Tips

Helpful tips to have a more successful Local Community Fundraiser

Fundraising is about Teamwork!

  • Ready to see your profits soar! Set your financial goal and selling price. Go inform your sellers.
  • Goal divided by profit divided by number of sellers equals a target number of sheets to sell for each participant (Ex. $5000 goal, selling price $45 = profit $21, $5000/21 = 238 total sets sold, 238/ 20 sellers = 12 sheet set sales per seller).
  • Make sure your selling price is written on the order form and/or sales packet envelope.
  • Emphasize the quality, value, and product warranty of the Anna Bella Bedding Collection.
  • Advise your sellers that when fundraising, NEVER use the word BUY! They should always ask potential supporters to HELP them raise money for their cause.
  • We have found that organizations that incentivize the top seller(s) with a PRIZE increases their overall sales tremendously due to a competitive atmosphere (Ex. Pizza/Ice Cream party, gift cards, or SSF assisted prize programs -call for assistance).
  • Get the parents involved! Encourage ALL your sellers to participate and relay the information.
  • Once your campaign has started, ensure weekly communication with your participants. Goal updates and sales totals will encourage your participants’ to actively pursue support from their friends and family.
  • Please understand that YOU as the chairperson or team leader of your program can greatly affect your programs success. By staying in tune to your sellers’ progress and reminding them of deadlines and minimum sells needed, YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOALS IN STYLE!


Helpful tips to have a more successful Online Fundraiser

  • As the Chairperson, you should familiarize yourself with the procedure by registering yourself as a seller; this will prepare you to better inform your participants of the process. Participants must register as a seller in order for their sales to be tracked.
  • Seller registration is key to online fundraiser success, as they will utilize the ‘Seller Sharing Center’ to instantly send their personalized shopping link via email or Facebook with friends and family to gain support.
  • Encourage sellers to reach out to everyone in their address book, nationwide.
  • YOU, as the Chairperson also have the ability to share your organizations’ shopping link via email and Facebook. LEAD BY EXAMPLE!
  • Encourage your sellers to follow up with shared emails and repost the shopping link on Facebook.
  • Remember, Online Fundraising is simple!
  • No order forms! No money collection! No distribution of sheets! No waiting supporters.