What is a professional fundraising company?

     With almost a decade in bed sheet fundraising, we’ve seen it all. The purpose of this information is to impart wisdom to those individuals that are dedicated to assisting their community in the form of leading a fundraiser, and on the search for assistance for what to do and who to work with.


Retail vs Wholesale


The fundraising business can be easily misunderstood, as it is more complex than typical retail and wholesale transactions. Retail is a transaction for typically one person while wholesale purchases involve the intent to resale the product for a profit. However, with wholesale, it’s an individual or group purchasing product to resale at retail for their own profit.

With many retail or wholesale businesses the products and services provided are simple transactions. If the product is available, the product can be purchased. You have a product in mind that you want, and you choose what company can best provide it for you. You make contact and you make a purchase. Typical businesses now have a standard job to do from invoicing to delivery. These are common transactions, yet even they fail constantly from the best businesses in the country.


Fundraising transactions are a different story


In fundraising, an individual or group is collecting money from their local and abroad community to purchase an order of wholesale product which will create profit to support the organization fundraising. This is a big responsibility.

Typically, as a consumer purchasing online you have access to availability of product, a delivery of time-frame, and a choice to take it or find another vendor to provide. As a fundraising company, we have a duty to provide an appreciated product to our customers with immediate availability within a standardized time-frame. No back orders, no delays in shipping with professional customer service for chairpersons and supporters alike. That’s our commitment, that’s what we pride ourselves on and what we deliver.


The saturated American fundraising market


The fundraising market has exploded with amateur entrepreneurs trying to steer customers on the web with sites and services that simply do not match the level of business expertise needed to offer services as a fundraising company.

Fundraising fronts and their respective websites are saturating the American marketplace, from expensive donation platforms to cookie dough. With a “there’s money in fundraising” mentality, American and foreign businesses are competing for your attention with constant new ideas and platforms. It’s the good, bad, and ugly of business. Because of the concept of a website, anyone can pretend.  Physical stores are dwindling with high tech shoppers, which increase the opportunity for fraud in the digital marketplace. Websites will often claim to offer professional product and services; when behind the scenes, you the customer are dealing with very amateur business practices from one or more people in a state of confusion.


Always work with professionals


Unlike any other company in our specific field; we are fundraising professionals who have built our program from the ground up since 2009. We have re-invested heavily on building a better experience for our fundraising chair-people and the community of supporters at large.  Through real online technology that’s simple to use, to the proper facilities and staff to get the job done right; Simply Sheets Fundraising is here for you.


Things to know…..


Provide a unique, branded retail product, the Anna Bella Bedding Collection


No brand name products are a red flag. Customers who purchase this product will not know where to go if they need assistance. Reviews cannot be found! This is purposeful. Don’t sell an unbranded product, from a company you haven’t fully investigated, to your community who’s trying to support your efforts. Know who you’re working with and what you’re selling. ALWAYS get a sample of product and materials, it’s a small price to pay.


Reputation and history in the marketplace


Always ask for referrals and testimonials.  Look for details in a website, vagueness is a practice of deception. Don’t be sold, be proven. Beware of companies with non-existent or outdated and irrelevant Facebook pages and other social media outlets. This shows non-transparency.


Expert staff and resources to support all of your fundraising needs


An unprofessional fundraising company is simply a wholesaler who has added fundraising verbiage to their service list and provides or does not provide overly basic materials for you to resell the product for a profit.


Professional in house fulfillment facility


This means accurate, efficient, and consistent fast turn-around times.  Make sure you are working with a company you can track on Google Maps. You should be able to see the facility on the web. Many fundraising websites do not list a true address, this is not a good sign for you. Do your research. Companies without their own warehouse cannot perform to professional standards. Simply Sheets Fundraising worked with 3 fulfillment companies from 2014-2017; we all suffered, we stopped it.


Custom platform, designed for beginners; tailored to your every need


From accurate seller sorted invoicing you can accurately interpret and correct on your own time; TO ordering sales materials to launching Facebook online shopping, our platform has been designed for your needs. Chair people you can track your sellers’. This is the true requirement for a fundraising company as you simply cannot manage a fundraising business without it without failure. Other fundraising companies use plug and play e commerce solutions designed for simple retail and claim services such as online fundraising. How do you tell? Look for chairperson and seller logins on the website. Are your supporters required to manually enter a group id for you to get credit? What about seller tracking? Ask to preview the platform so you no what the system does and does not do. Do your research.



High quality, professional sales materials


Make a good impression when you’re asking for support. Cheap looking unprofessional materials will limit your customers’ confidence and sales. We provide you with free, professional materials for all of your sellers. This works great with our online mobile device friendly fundraising.



Seller sorted packaging for ease of distribution (for local community fundraisers)


Ever sorted out a 200 + unit bed sheet order? We would never think of putting such a burden on you. All local community fundraising orders are shipped, UPS ground or LTL if desired, fully seller sorted. That’s each individual sellers’ order packed just for them with their own tracking. You will also be provided a shipment receiving guideline to ensure your delivery is as accurate and easy to distribute and to correct if necessary as possible.


Think you’re a good fundraising chairperson? Take a look a the signs of an unprofessional company.




Know you’re working with the best when managing community funds!

Beware of competitive copy cats, look for the .com’s, look for Anna Bella sheets.

No address listed, or address on Google Maps doesn’t make sense.

Presence on Google Maps

Product Branding (What’s the brand?)

Materials (Are you making a good impression?)

Limited technology (basic e commerce cart fronting as online fundraising on website)

Service (clever worded non experienced wholesalers or professional fundraising services created through years of experience)