Why Bed Sheet Fundraisers?

As a fundraising chairperson or leader, will find it difficult to find a more useful and potentially appreciated fundraising product than a high-quality bed sheet. Bed sheets provide a high level of comfort every day to your customers, thus creating positive support and repeat business.


Sell a recognizably USEFUL, HIGH QUALITY product that offers a good warranty to back it up and experience the difference. Remember, selling useful junk at high costs is no way to seek support.


The Anna Bella Bedding Collection is an easy to decide product line. Fundraisers based on huge catalogs of goods can create a poor fundraising experience. These fundraisers are complex and often sell product which is over priced, highly back-order-able, low quality, and slow to complete.


At Simply Sheets Fundraising, it’s simple; just pick a color and a size and move on. Your fundraising prices are set below retail costs, so your customers KNOW they’re getting a good deal.


The American market is filled with low value, high cost products. Wouldn’t you want to sell a product that gets you a thank you and a re-order? Don’t you want to sell a product that works?


Offering low value products at high costs will frustrate your community and make you not welcome for future support. You have the power to change this by working with quality companies and products.