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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ lounge. If you can't find your question, please feel free to visit our contact us page and ask us for a prompt answer. If your ready to get started, we can begin right now.

1. What makes us different from other fundraisers?

  • We offer a quality product that is needed by every household.
  • No upfront investment or minimums
  • Drastically increased profit per sale, highest in the industry.
  • An organization can reach their goals with much less time and effort, so more
    concentration can be placed on the organizations core purpose.
  • An original product with little or no competition.
  • Product delivered within 2-weeks from the placement of an order.
  • No time restrictions. You can start and stop our program at will.
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2. What are microfiber bed sheets?
Forming a protective barrier against dust mite allergens, poly-Microfiber is a high strength micro-polyester yarn used in the production of many products such as clothing, upholstery, and bed linens. Long-lasting, easily washable, wrinkle resistant, stain-resistant, moisture wicking, breathable, and affordable; the microfiber bed sheet has become extraordinarily popular in today's market.
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3. Why Bed sheets?
The world of fundraising is seeking an alternative to traditional product selling. A universal product like the bed sheet is creating a completely new experience for the fundraiser supporter.  Our bed sheets will not rot, expire, or break; and they make a wonderful gift for any special occasion. Very rarely do they have the opportunity to support their local organizations and have offered in return an item of authentic use, not to mention luxury.
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4. How soon can our group start?
Immediately, just contact us.
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5. Is there any initial investment?
No, we provide everything you need to sell your product. Just pre-sell, collect money, gather and submit your orders, and pay for your cost of the product after receipt of your invoice.
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6. Are there any minimum order requirements?
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7. How do we order?
Your group representative can order directly with your assigned representative via fax, e-fax, or email.
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8. Do you provide any marketing materials?
Yes, we will provide you with everything you need to have a successful program.
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9. What sizes do the sheets come in?
King, queen, and full.
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10. What comes in the bed sheet set?
Our bed sheets come with 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillow cases.
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11. What colors do the sheets come in?
We offer an extensive color palette. Our colors include: cream, sage, chocolate, light brown, camel, white, navy, eggplant, rust, aqua, gray, burgundy, black, silver, royal blue and green.
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12. Will the sheets fit my mattress?
Fitted sheets have deep pockets to accommodate up to 14" mattresses & elastic all around for a secure fit.
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13. How long does it take to get our order?
Orders are typically processed and shipped out within 7-10 business days.
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14. How often can we order?
Whether you are affiliated with an ongoing program or just a quarterly push; order as often as you like.
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15. What is your return policy?
We will replace damaged bed sheet sets.
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