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About Simply Sheets Fundraising

Established in 2010, Simply Sheets Fundraising leads the bed sheet fundraising marketplace in a class of its own. To date we’ve distributed over a 1M sheet sets, across the US; and raised over $18,000,000 for organizations who reached their community with needed, quality product. Simply Sheets Fundraising invests in America’s future with state of the art technology for its fundraising chairpersons and members of their organizations. Professionalism, ethics, longevity, consistency, and community growth reflect our company and mission.


At Simply Sheets Fundraising we thrive on you reaching your goals. It is our top priority! The greatest step we can take in that direction is the provision of a product your supporters can really use and appreciate, a product that literally sells itself. What are your goals? What has your organization set out to achieve? How much time do your members spend trying to raise funds? The lack of money is a common obstacle for organizations of all kinds. Talented students and/or groups of a wide array of disciplines are often hindered by a lack of it. In fact, it is a rule of thumb that an organization’s expenses grow in proportion to its advancement, its talent.


Let Simply Sheets Fundraising help you reach your financial goals. With our product and program, you will reach your goals with speed and integrity, allowing you to pursue your organizations’ mission.

You Have Two Ways to Gain Support For your Anna Bella Bed Sheet Fundraiser

Traditional Paper Catalog Order


Choose your own profit margin
(40-55%) by setting YOUR selling price (recommended $40-$50)!

Offer your supporters the luxurious Anna Bella Bedding Collection and reach your goals in style!

  • Sheet Sets cost the organization $24, $20 for the sheet set & $4 shipping and handling/seller sorted delivery.
  • Order/Distribute sales packets to your students (provided to you by Simply Sheets Fundraising, LLC).
  • Funds are made payable to your organization!
  • Collect Order Forms/Money from your sellers and enter the order by seller into our simple online ordering system; receive an invoice by email immediately.
  • Your organization keeps the profits in your hands the whole time!
  • All product ships in one bulk order to your provided shipping address; seller sorted for EASY seller distribution.
  • Locally distributed by your sellers to their supporters.
  • Reach friends & family nationwide by using the Online Shop Fundraiser in conjunction with your Traditional Paper Catalog Fundraiser! (Take payment by credit card locally by using the Online Shop Fundraiser too!)

Prepare for re-orders with your online shopping link!
Your supporters will  LOVE their Anna Bella Sheets!

Online Shop Fundraiser Order


Earn 40% profit on product sales with an easy online mobile device friendly fundraiser.

No Order/Money Collecting! No Sheet Distribution!

No Waiting or Confused Supporters!

  • Your selling prices for the online shop fundraiser are preset for $49 per sheet set ($16 profit) and $18 per pillow case set ($6 profit) INCLUDING SHIPPING! These can NOT be changed.
  • You can conduct the Online Shop Fundraiser to reach nationwide supporters AND local supporters.  A traditional Paper Catalog Fundraiser is not the only way to reach your local community; use the online shop to allow supporters to pay by credit card. Reach support where you never could before.
  • Share a unique link with your sellers for them to register as a seller; we also provide a PDF file to print and distribute with instructions of how to register as a seller. No group id’s to remember!
  • Sellers register and share a unique link from their sharing center via Facebook, Email, Text, etc.
  • Chairperson and Sellers can track their sales/profits progress within the Sharing Center!
  • Supporter shops by clicking the unique link provided, adds items to their cart, pays securely by credit card, and order ships direct to customers home within 3-5 business days.
  • Your organization receives 40% of all online purchases (shipping and tax not included).
  • Online Shop Fundraisers are open all year long so it’s a flexible and easy option to continue to gain support. It’s your re-order central.
  • A profit check will be sent on the 15th of each month for the previous months sales/profits!

Hands Free! No Stress!
Easy & Convenient!

Meet The Team

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Michael Hedrick

Kerri Take 1

Kerri Crank

General Operations Manager

Andrew Crank

Fulfillment/Logistics Manager

Martha Reilly

Fundraising Consultant/Customer Service
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Tammy Christian

Fundraising Consultant/Customer Service