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Simply Sheets Fundraising, LLC is the original bed sheet fundraising company providing the highest quality product, used virtually every day; and we support that product through a simple, risk – free and highly profitable program.

We began as a team of fundraising professionals looking for a solution to the common problem in fundraising of offering “low value” products at high prices to fundraising supporters. We believe in rewarding the support you value; especially when asking for repeat support.

Simply Sheets Fundraising and the Anna Bella Bedding Collection provides a powerful solution.

Whether you are a seasoned fundraising workforce or new to the scene; our product is field proven to be a perfect addition to any fundraising schedule and establish a consistent source of revenue for any organization.

Enjoy the refreshing experience of letting your product do the selling.

Our Program

Simply Sheets Fundraising is proud to offer you a long lasting and luxurious bed sheet set for your supporters, the Anna Bella Collection. Anna Bella bed sheets are a superior choice for your fundraising needs. Traditional and many new fundraising product choices pale in comparison. Fundraising products trend towards low quality, highly perishable, easily lost, unnecessary, unhealthy, often frustrating experiences that affect everyone involved.

Anna Bella is the trusted name for quality and has been the customer’s choice since 2009. This is a simple, yet highly effective fundraising program for everyone. First, we provide a proven, branded, high-quality, warranted, appreciated product for your organization to offer at below retail prices. Then, we support you through the entire process with first-class, full-service resources which simply assists your organization to its destination, with happy supporters and the funds you desire to perform. Our customers are provided with everything they need and more to host a product fundraiser they can really be proud of. Confidence in a real product and service gives them the ability to ask for financial support in an authentic way and get a positive response from already bombarded supporters. That customer response is a genuine thank you, congratulations, and a re-order.

WATCH how our program can get you started in minutes and reaching BIG goals in days

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