About Us

Simply Sheets Fundraising is the original bed sheet fundraising company providing the highest quality product, used virtually every day; and we support that product through a simple, risk – free and highly profitable program.


We began as a team of fundraising professionals looking for a solution to the common problem in fundraising of offering “low value” products to fundraising supporters. We believe in rewarding the support you value; especially when asking for repeat support.


Simply Sheets Fundraising provides a powerful solution.


Whether you are a seasoned fundraising workforce or new to the scene; our product is field proven to be a perfect addition to any fundraising schedule and establish a consistent source of revenue for any organization.


Enjoy the refreshing experience of letting your product do the selling.


Our Program

Simply Sheets Fundraising is proud to offer you a long lasting and luxurious bed sheet set for your supporters, the Anna Bella Collection. Microfiber is a high strength micro-polyester yarn used in the production of many products from much of our clothing, to upholstery, and of course, bed linens. The microfiber bed sheet had its beginnings in the Spa Industry and has become extraordinarily popular in today’s market. These bed sheets are long-lasting, easily washable, wrinkle resistant, stain-resistant, moisture wicking, breathable, affordable, and most importantly soft with a luxurious feel. Experience the comfort and luxury.


Frequently Asked Questions