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I am writing to you to express my sincere thanks for the awesome fundraiser for our church. While only just a few of the members actually participated, we were able to sell around 150 sets of your sheets with a profit of around $2,250! Because of the amount of profit, we were able to secure the items we needed for our Children’s Ministries with money left over for later items! We had numerous people who purchased multiple sets. Your prompt service and handling of the orders made our fundraiser one of the absolute best ones I have participated in and I am most definitely going to continue this fundraiser again around the holidays! I look forward to working with you again. Thank you again and may God bless your company as it certainly has blessed our ministry.

CenterPointe Assembly of God
Angie Pullen, Children’s Pastor

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Selling sheets with our band students was at first, a concern, thinking this would not be a profitable fundraiser. After all of our students turned in their orders and the orders were put together…this was the most profitable fundraiser that our band program has done in years. After the sheets were delivered, the comments that we received were very positive. In fact, we are selling the sheets again this year because of the demand for re-orders that we have received. The quality and cost of these sheets are just incredible.

Foley High School
Carl Major, Director of Bands

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After introducing the idea to our ladies, it resulted in the most productive fundraiser we have ever done. A profit of $5,000 went into our ministry account. A total of twelve ladies participated, which was a great response since we are a relatively small church. It goes to show what can be accomplished with a little effort, no matter the size of the group. The sheets virtually sold themselves because of the beautiful selection of popular colors, quality and size offered. We will most definitely use “Simply Sheets Fundraising” for many future fundraisers.

Women’s Ministry
Theresa Harris, Director