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Fundraising tends to be a hassle. In many cases, it’s members of an organization selling products they don’t care about to supporters who don’t want them. It’s a process that no one enjoys, for a number of reasons, and because of it, many organizations miss out on financial support that they need to succeed.


There’s much about normal fundraising that’s problematic. Large catalogs make selecting a product difficult for supporters, and bringing a catalog to each potential supporter makes the task undesirable for the organization. Useless or undesirable products make supporters feel like they’re wasting money, and rob organizations of enthusiasm for selling.


Worst of all, problematic prices make buyers feel like they could get the product cheaper somewhere else, and cut deeply into the profits of the fundraising organization. With so much working against you, it’s amazing that any money is raised at all.


The Anna Bella Bedding Collection bed sheets offered through Simply Sheets Fundraising provides a unique fundraising opportunity for any organization wanting to sell a quality product to their supporters and benefactors. Unlike selling food items or wrapping paper, these sheets will be useful to supporters for years, providing them with comfort each time they climb into bed.


Our microfiber sheets are products you can be proud to sell, and one that will turn your benefactors into repeat customers once they try them. We provide our products below retail cost to ensure that supporters are getting a good deal and that organizations have more beneficial profit margins. And ordering is as simple as choosing a color and a size. In other words, you won’t find a better fundraising opportunity anywhere else.


The Quality of Our Sheets


You would be hard-pressed to find bed sheets that are softer, more comfortable, or more durable than ours. Anna Bella bed sheets are long-lasting, easily washable, wrinkle resistant, stain resistant, moisture-wicking, breathable, affordable, and most importantly, soft with a luxurious feel. The secret is our brushed microfiber fabric.


Microfiber—high strength micro-polyester yarn—is used in a variety of products, from bed linens to clothing, to upholstery. It’s widely used because it’s so reliable and versatile. Best of all, it’s stain resistant and easy to wash. With features like wrinkle resistance, it looks great even after repeated cleanings. It’s also moisture-wicking and breathable, meaning it helps you stay comfortably cool (an important detail for any of us who get too warm at night).


Microfiber is also resistant to allergens and dust mites. It’s flame resistant and durable while maintaining a comfortable softness. It’s the perfect material for our bed sheets, but we didn’t stop there. We took it a step further and milled the microfiber to a higher standard of quality. We added deeper pockets to accommodate thicker mattresses, used better elastic on the edges, and built our products to be extra durable, while still maintaining that signature softness.


Our diverse fundraising bed sheets are in a league all their own, and you can rest easy knowing you’re offering a high-quality product to supporters of your organization.


Available Options


Our sheets are available in each of the standard mattress sizes:


  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King


Additionally, our sheets come in 16 different colors:


  • Aqua
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Camel
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Eggplant
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Light Brown
  • Navy
  • Royal Blue
  • Rust
  • Sage
  • White
  • Silver


Ordering sheets are as simple as choosing a color and a size, making the process simple and easy for your supporters.


Proper Care Instructions


Because our sheets are made from microfiber, they’re incredibly easy to care for. Simply wash them in warm or hot water with normal detergent. You can also use regular dryer sheets for added freshness and softness. Just be careful not to launder your sheets with other items (such as towels or clothes). The fibers from other items will tend to cling to the microfiber and is easily mistaken for pilling.


As for stains, microfiber is naturally stain resistant, making it less likely for spills or messes to stick to the fabric. In the event of something really messy, soak overnight in cold water (with your choice of oxygenated product, if you think it needs it) should do the trick. Then wash as normal, and the stain should come right out.


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So what do you have to lose? Sell sheets for a fundraiser! To request more information or to sign up for a bed sheet fundraiser, contact us and get started today!