General Fundraising Tips

Fundraisers can be used in so many ways. They can help a family get through a medical emergency, allow a non-profit organization to have a greater impact in their specialized field, and allow a company to reveal a commitment to their community. Here is a “Fundraising 101” packed with fundraising tips to help you create and maintain successful fundraisers.


Choose the Type of Fundraiser


When deciding what kind of fundraiser to undertake, you will want to consider the purpose for your fundraiser and the donors you want to target. Consider one of these successful fundraisers:


  • Crowdfunding: Online social media has made this one of the simplest and quickest ways to raise funds. It is easy to share the information and requires little, if any, financial investment. Crowdfunding is highly effective in emergency situations, like medical issues or loss of property, that need immediate attention.


  • Silent Auction/Basket Raffle: This event-based fundraising strategy is a lot of fun and can raise a lot of money, but it is also a lot of work. Requesting, acquiring, and putting together the baskets or items for auction takes a lot of exhausting legwork.


  • Raffles: Successful fundraisers will also combine fundraising ideas, like doing 50/50, Wingspan, or Reverse Raffles in conjunction with silent auctions, dance-a-thons, and 5K walks/runs.


  • Direct Mail: Some people like to physically hold the story in their hand so they have time to review it and decide if it is a cause worth their donation. There are direct mail companies that will do all the work for you, but this will eat into total funds raised.


  • Product Sales: Almost all of us have been approached to buy cookies, tins of popcorn, frozen pizzas, gift wrap, and more. Schools and organizations are finding unique merchandise to sell as a fundraising strategy. Groups can sell wonderful bed sheets, something everyone needs, as a fundraiser. Do your research and know your target before choosing the product to sell.


  • Employer-driven: Check with companies to find out if they have matching gift programs or do volunteer grants which will donate a dollar amount for every hour one of their employees does volunteer work, and what their maximum per employee is.



Set Goals


You will want to have a total dollar amount you would like to achieve, and then break that down into smaller weekly and daily increments so you can adjust your public relations and updates as necessary. The goal is as much for your donors as it is for you, as they long to see a cause to which they have donated succeed.


Be Descriptive and Detailed


When donors are considering supporting a cause, they will have a lot of questions. One of the greatest fundraising tips is that you make sure your story is as descriptive as possible. Use names, locations, dollar amounts, facts, and figures. If you are a business raising funds for another agency or cause, explain why this particular need was identified and how it can help the community as a whole. Use real-life visuals whenever possible. People like to put a face to the cause they are supporting.


Focus Your Outreach


When doing your initial contacts, make sure you research your donors as thoroughly as possible. Try to find their likes and dislikes, charitable organizations and events to which they have contributed before, and particularly if they have any strong opinions on certain issues.


Know the Rules


Check your local ordinances and state financial institution requirements for fundraisers. If you go through a company like Simply Sheets or crowdfunding like GoFundMe, they will meet the requirements for you. If you are setting up your own fundraising event, you may have to apply to have your fundraiser registered for tax purposes.


Spread the Word


Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe and Fundly have made it easier than ever to tell your story far and wide and reach as many donors as possible. Make sure that you are posting periodic updates (fundraising websites will usually automate this for you), and tagging previous donors in thank you posts is a good fundraising tip.

When your next fundraising need arises, you are now equipped with some successful fundraising tips, ideas, and strategies. If you are interested in a merchandise-based fundraiser, Simply Sheets is a wonderfully innovative concept that is sure to help you succeed. Simply click here for more Simply Sheets Fundraising information.