You can put that traditional bake sale fundraiser in the past, because now more than ever, team fundraisers have become something people want to donate for! Simply Sheets Fundraising is going to show you five of the more unique fundraising ideas your team, workplace or friends and family can put together that will bring in the crowds.

Car Smashing Fundraiser

As one of the more unique fundraisers, a car smash is perfect for young adults and teenagers who are looking to have a good time raising money for a good cause. How to accomplish:

  • Speak to a local junkyard about donating the car to a cause
  • Look for a car that still has the body and windows intact

On the day of the car smash, keep participants safe with provided safety glasses and offer a pay per swing or pay per minute incentive.

Host a Cook-Off

Is your city or town famous for a dish? Whether it’s the best chili or hottest salsa, hosting a cook-off can be a fun way to get your community involved through a fundraiser. The best part? It doesn’t cost a lot, and it packs a lot of flavor, literally.

Swag Fundraiser

Selling customized t-shirts, pens, blankets, or tumblers can be a unique fundraising idea for your organization. Having customized merchandise can be a great marketing ploy to get the word out on your nonprofit and fundraising campaign.

Text-to-Give Campaign

Let’s face it, everyone and their grandparents have a phone these days. As technology is more accessible than ever, text-to-give campaigns allow supporters to donate right from their phones via text.

Look for popular and safe text-giving software to use. Give your supporters the unique phone number and keyword that is specifically for your fundraiser or organization. Easy for them, easy for you.

Host a Battle of the Bands

If money isn’t an issue, go big or go home in your fundraising game! An excellent team fundraising idea would be to host a Battle of the Bands event. This is a contest for talented musicians in your community.

Many local bands love donating to charity and are excited to be a part of a fun, exciting contest. Make sure you offer an incentive to get bands and your community more involved.

If you’re ready to up your fundraising game, contact our team at Simply Sheets Fundraising. We will help you reach your financial goals through your fundraiser.